My fascination with photography began over 50 years ago. It wasn’t the “pretty” pictures that held my interest, but the real and sometimes raw moments of every day life that tell a more compelling story.
One of the first pictures that I ever remember seeing, and one I still have, is a photograph that an uncle and mentor of mine took. He was a photojournalist working in the Pittsburgh area. It is a picture of an elderly lady standing in front of her run down farmhouse, throwing corn to her chickens. She was dressed in a typical farm dress complete with apron, her grey hair was up and she was smiling as the late afternoon sun shown on her, her chickens, and the tossed corn still in mid air.
The timing of this event is what many would call a “Decisive Moment”  - that moment in time when a simple story is clearly explained. Had the shutter been released a second too soon, the corn would still be in her hand, a second too late and the chickens would just be pecking at the ground.
For the last 50 years I have been striving to capture that right moment in time, that split second that reveals a simple but compelling story. 

I have moved away from advertising and commercial photography and now work almost exclusively in B&W on personal projects. My wife Elizabeth and Ilive in western North Carolina with our two felines.

All images shown are available for purchase and are printed with archival papers and inks. For size and pricing information please contact me via email.

All images are copyrighted by Jeff Martin. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited without written permission from Jeff Martin.